KeyScrambler Premium 3.2 full with Patch

KeyScrambler Premium 3.2 full with Patch


KeyScrambler is a well-established anti-keylogging program that encrypts users' keystrokes in real time to protect their private info against theft by keyloggers.

KeyScrambler Features

Smart Engineering Keeps Ahead of the Bad Guys
KeyScrambler adopts an effective preventive approach to protecting the user's private information by encrypting user keystrokes in real time deep in the operating system. Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art cryptography, KeyScrambler has proven to defeat both known and unknown keyloggers, even on security compromised computers.

Small Footprint; Vast Protective Range
KeyScrambler (file size ~1.4 MB) takes very little resources to run and requires no user effort. And yet it protects 29 browsers and up to 170+ applications against keylogging. KeyScrambler (the Premium edition) also encrypts the user's login credentials in Windows workstation, Active Directory Domain, Windows Vista’s User Account Control prompts (UAC), and all of the Windows Store (Metro) Apps. It effectively cuts down on system-wide data breaches and network intrusion.

Transparent Protection Gives the User Reassurance
Once you downloaded and installed KeyScrambler, an unobtrusive green overlay window appears on your computer screen. Here you can see the ongoing encryption so you know how and when KeyScrambler is working. It gives you peace of mind.

Broad Compatibility; Unique Position of Defense
KeyScrambler works seamlessly with most security programs and authentication methods such as tokens and smart cards. Because the detect-and-remove method of traditional anti-virus, anti-malware programs is still unable to effectively deal with new, unknown malware, KeyScrambler's capability to effectively foil attacks by new, unknown keylogging malware makes it an invaluable tool for online information security.

How does it work?

As you're typing on the keyboard, KeyScrambler simultaneously encrypts your keystrokes at the keyboard driver level. Because KeyScrambler is located in the kernel, deep in the operating system, it is difficult for keyloggers to bypass the encryption.
Your encrypted keystrokes remain completely indecipherable the whole time they travel through the crucial path. It doesn't matter if they get logged, or whether the keylogging malware attacking your computer is known or brand new.
When the encrypted keystrokes carrying your private info finally arrive at the destination app, KeyScrambler's decryption component goes to work, and the journey is over. Now you see exactly the keys you've typed.

KeyScrambler 3.2 is released:

Fixed compatibility bug with the autotype feature of KeePass.
Fixed typing bug after switching input languages.
Fixed number pad not working in command prompt.
Fixed Korean input not working in MS Word.
Fixed doubled letters in Xfire.
Added support for the following applications:
KeyScrambler Personal, Professional, and Premium:
Browsers: Cyberfox, QupZilla, Superbird, Torch.
KeyScrambler Professional and Premium:
Password Managers: Password Depot, SplashID Safe, Steganos Password Manager.
Email Programs: eM Client, Foxmail.
KeyScrambler Premium:
New! Cloud Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive.
New! Bitcoin Wallets: Bitcoin-Qt, Armory, Electrum, Multibit.
Encryption Apps: B-Folders, BestCrypt Traveller, File Waster, Folder Lock, Steganos Safe, Steganos Privacy Suite.
Networking Apps: FlashXFP, FTPRush, TeraTerm Pro.
Office Programs: Dramatica Pro, FinalDraft, MovieMagic Screenwriter, Outline 4D.




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