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What is is a leading service provider for secure file storage, transfer and sharing. Our service is based on a powerful network of modern reliable servers with almost unlimited disk space and high bandwidth. This allows us to ensure that all your files, as well as private information, are completely safe and secure. We also provide you with convenient and fast tools for file management. Our professional devoted team is constantly working on service improvements in addition to providing technical support service to all our partners. Our aim is to build the most reliable and profitable file-hosting network on the market for you.
How can I use can be used for different purposes:

    As a secure remote storage capacity for important data backups. One that is available online from any country in the world
    As a tool to send files to one or several recipients that requires much less traffic resources and provides more reliability and security than regular e-mail attachments
    As a way to quickly and safely share files with your friends and colleagues
    As a way to earn money. encourages distributors of popular and in-demand files (who don't infringe copyrights and other laws) to use our service and earn with us.

I want to download a file from Do I need to get a premium account to do that?

No, you don’t need a premium account to be able to download files from our service. When you obtain a premium account you aren’t paying for file downloads, but for the additional advantages you receive and the time that you’re saving. If you only need a few files, a premium account is most-likely not required. However if you constantly receive file download links from your favorite resources (number of such resources has been increasing due to popularity of our partner program), then a premium account would be very useful for you. Specifically it would allow you to download larger data volumes much faster.
What does the download speed on depend on?

For unregistered users the download speeds may be influenced by the server total load, e.g. the process may slow down when the file is being downloaded by thousands of users simultaneously. Also it depends on the speed of your internet connection to our server network. A way to increase the speed is acquiring a premium account, for it absolutely guarantees you download priority. Furthermore, premium account owners are able to take advantage of the multithreaded downloads that can be attained by using download managers.

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