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1. What is GOupload?
GOupload is a revolutionary upload site. Here you can get money for each download of your file! We offer the highest rates in the network. We pay earned money through PayPal. Just that you register, upload files, and you earn a lot of money! It's that simple!

2. What are the rates per download?
Minimum rate for the download is $ 0.20 with a premium account is $ 0.28. The largest rate is up to $ 15.

3. From what amount I can payment my money?
The minimum amount for payout is $ 10.

4. How many I can get for referral user?
For every referral user you get 10% of its earnings.

6. When I get my payment?
Payouts are sent to users maximum 30 days after order. Generally payments are sent faster.

6. What can be the maximum size of one file?
The maximum size of one file is 100mb.
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