72389 Email Bomber


I know i said i would not do anymore of these but i was working on a different project and needed to test some things out so i created this program as an example for me. Instead of deleting it i am sharing it.
Whats new since my previous versions:
Program Will not lock up when sending mail
Program options are disabled when sending mail (except the cancel button)
Cancel button now works
HTML Support
Mail Priority support (only works with servers that allow priority mail)
once connected to the mail server program send 2-3 times faster
(*Plain text test resulted in 80 – 100 sent messages/min*)
Attachments, Large HTML messages, Your network connection, and Server Lag will slow the send speed.
This Requires you to have a gmail account to send the messages from! but will send messages to any email address.
To test it, put your gmail address in the to and from boxes and try it on yourself.

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