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The market of photo editing software is a rough ground to tread, ruled by some of the best and most robust software out there—among them Adobe Photoshop, Apple Aperture, and a long list of applications geared toward casual users.
Knowing this, I was really surprised by what Corel PaintShop Pro X4 has to offer, and I can say with full confidence this could become a real contender in the market of photo editing software. Released Sept. 7, the application is geared toward photo enthusiasts who may not be experts with photo editing software, but would like to have the power of the pros beneath their belts.
Similar to other photo editing applications, the workspace of PaintShop Pro X4 is split into three tabs the user can switch between. The first, “Manage,” is where users organize, upload, and keep track of their photos. The “Adjust” tab is for editing the light, shadow, grain, and color of an image. And the “Edit” tab is for photo manipulation, such as adding text and effects.
The Manage tab isn’t too different from what you’d find elsewhere, but it has all the essentials. A carousel of images is shown at the bottom, a list of photo collections is shown to the left, while data on each image is presented on the right. The main area in the center provides a large preview of the highlighted image. Corel added some new features from the last version of PaintShop Pro, including a full screen preview mode and a star rating system.
The real draw, however, comes from the other two workspaces.

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