ACDSee Pro 5.1.137 + Serials

ACDSee Pro 5.1.137 +  Serials

ACDSee Pro features include:

  • Customizable color labels -- a new, powerful way to help photographers track an image through the various stages of multi-step workflows.
  • Drawing tools -- mark up an image—draw arrows, lines, circles or highlight to draw attention to certain aspects of your photos or add subtle or dramatic drawing effects.
  • New special effects -- easily modify images. Apply popular effects without needing to go through a cumbersome, technical multi-step process. Create collages in Polaroid-like frames. Indulge in the art of Lomographic photography, or apply the Orton softening effect to portraits and landscapes.
 ACDSee Pro 5, the newest Pro product, offers new editing and management features, including:

  • Dodge and Burn – the traditional darkroom effect can be used to digitally apply saturation and vibrancy, as well as darken and/or lighten certain areas of photographs.
  • Split Toning – the easiest way to selectively adjust the saturation of specific hues in your photograph’s shadows and highlights.
  • Advanced sharpening tools -- available via a new Mask slider-based interface that allows you to easily control the amount of sharpening applied to areas of texture and detail. This allows the photographer to mask out areas with little detail helping to avoid applying sharpening to noise in areas of low detail. This is especially useful for RAW conversion workflow.
  • Remove Metadata – With this feature, you are able to protect the details of your photos, such as location, camera setting and equipment choices. To ensure that images are socially safe, photographers can remove and edit metadata to keep sensitive information private prior to sharing photographs with others or online...

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